Words words words!

july 25, 2011 - mama

september 12, 2011 - dada

october 15, 2011 - uh oh

november 9, 2011 - app-eh  (either up, or apple.  not sure which one!)

december 6 - dat (said while pointing at things.  'that')

february 8 - somehow along the line i forgot to add 'all duh' (all done)

february 15 - ooooooo (self explanatory!)

march 9 - (recent words) definitely saying 'ap-le' for applesauce or pineapple
                                       by-by (bye-bye)
                                       ow-sigh (outside)
                                       dowwwww (down)
                                       crack-kuh (cracker)

march 18 - cack cack (what noise does a duck make?)
                  mmmmmmm (what noise does a cow make?)

april 22 - yeah (we're working on yeS!)
               dow (down)

may 1 - animal sounds we make now:
              - quack quack
              - eowwwwww (meow)
              - woof woof (this is commonly the first words out of his mouth when he walk into his room in the morning.  he's calling mojo!)

may 14 - we're saying please and thank you know, but not with actual words.  we make the noise for each syllable in the words, but not actually saying the words.  we'll be working on that!

june 5 - new animal sounds:
             - rawwwwwwwwwwwwwr (with a nice gutteral sound!)
             - eh-aw eh-aw (donkey)

june 13 - alla (either saying hola or hello...not sure which one)
               hi-eeeeeee (hi!)
               bye-eeeee (bye!)
               where go? (where'd it go)

july 28 - ah boo pa! (i love you)
              uck (duck)
              ibbit ibbit (ribbit ribbit...when pointing to a frog)

august 14 - new animal sounds:
                  dooooooooooo! (cocka-doodle-do!)
                  hooooo hooooo (owl)
                  moooooooooo (actually started pronouncing the 'm' now!)

                - characters of sesame street that we know:
                   eh-nie (ernie)
                   cooooookie (cookie monster)
                   ockaaaaaaaaaaa (oscar)
                   ah ah ah (the count!)
                   ita (rosita)

august 27 - animal sounds:
                  a loodle loooooo! (new rooster sound!)
                - kitty cat
                - opetus (octopus)

                - da coooo (that's cool!)
                - bye-bye daddy/mommy
                - nie-nie (night night)
                - ah boo pa mommy!  (i love you mommy)
                - hmmmmmmm
                - wow!

                - a nana (banana)

october 8 - bunny
                - bear
                - airpane
                - GAM! (Graham)
                - Liam ouse (Liam's house)
                - GO BED-KINS!!  (Go Redskins!)
                - good night daddy/mommy!
                - tella (stella)
                - ruey (rudy)
                - dojo (mojo)
                - okay! (we've been getting a lot of this lately!  he knows it's synonymous with yes!)
                yo gabba gabba characters we know:
                 - boopa (foofa)
                 - uno (muno)
                 - lex (plex)
                 - robee (brobee)

december 2012 - songs we can sing:
                            - ABC's
                            - old mcdonald
                            - happy birthday
                            - mary had a little lamb
                            - can somewhat sing the tune of thomas and friends
                          - can count to 10 in english (usually skips over 8!)
                          - can count to 3 in spanish!

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